Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Warm Day, English Class Attack!

The weather is like summer time today! But it's been so cold that everyone is being cautious. No coats, but still that one protective sweater layer. I had my Writing Youth Lit class again (and omg someone had to drop because she plagiarized her piece!). It is a sweater mecca.

So here are two selections. Sarah is a brilliant student who plans to become an English teacher. Like me she hates wearing pants and loves cardigans. She said this outfit was her joyous response to the warm weather. She reminds me of the not pregnant version of my ninth grade English teacher, Miss Rito. This is a little creepy, but I'm going to go there. We had a World Literature in English class together last spring and I drew a portrait of her in pen from across the room during a lecture, because she has a very nice face. I'll try to find that notebook...

And here is Colleen. This is one of my very favorite sweaters and I think it looks very sporty with those blue shorts. She got it at Forever 21. We met during the Red Eye Theater project last spring. In 48 hours students write and produce plays. I got the key to the props room! I think Colleen was on the stage crew. But she is also a very entertaining actress and killed the "Because he liked to look at it" sketch (that might not be the exact title) in the Vagina Monologues.

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