Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Horizontal Stripe Cardigan

Went to an awesome lecture tonight with Urban SA. It was given by Franklin Toker, at Carnegie Music Hall. He covered the history of Pittsburgh's landscape and architecture since the ice age.

Then Nathan (a very enthusiastic freshman in the urban studies program(not yet actually, technically)) and I went to Kiva Han where I saw this gentleman and his STUNNING red cardigan. He was leaving so I only got his name and one fact. Eddie and he likes bright colors.

But the good news is I think I've gotten my confidence back with regard to asking strangers in sweaters to pose for pictures. If you've been keeping track, this is actually only the third sweater I've approached without prior knowledge of the wearer. I've really passed up a lot of good ones because by the time I've gotten my courage up the person has walked away or started a cell phone conversation.

Watch people when they aren't with anyone. Most don't go more than three minutes without calling someone. And that is my commentary on contemporary culture for the day.


  1. I'm only 5'3." I think it's funny that every photo I take of someone taller makes them look like they have tiny little legs.

  2. So there seems to be an overwhelming popularity of cardigans. Is this a trend that you are noticing as you keep an eye out for sweaters?

    Also, what about the band, The Cardigans, whose popular song "Lovefool" ( was a major hit and featured in many soundtracks.

  3. After some review I remembered that Lovefool is a little bit annoying in 2009, but for sure a good time when I lived in 1996.

    To answer the first question, Cardigans and Pullovers are the authentic categories of sweaterhood. I'll run the stats and see if one is overrepresented in the population.

    Then there is subgenre, sweater-vest. If your morals are very loose you can count anything knitted, like a scarf.

  4. Evidence of sweater vests! Yay! This comment is not meant to have substance, I'm just excited that you mentioned them.