Friday, October 9, 2009

Maroon Avalon Pullover

Alex dates back to the days of State High Art Club. The day I met him he invited my sister and I to see Bright Eyes in Philadelphia. Which we did. Now we go to college together. And have similar taste in sweaters. Look at that thing! It's basically a maroon version of the blue one in my profile picture.

Alex what are you even majoring in? I have no idea.

You'll probably be seeing him again, because he claims to have many great sweaters. So for now, I'll leave the rest unsaid.


  1. I think it would be great to see the same person in a different sweater on your blog. It seems there are a lot of 'sweater' people out there and it would be interesting to see what other types of sweaters they have in their wardrobe. Maybe you could track down a few of the people you have already blogged about and see if they are sporting a new sweater.

    ps After reading your blog I've had the inclination to go out and buy sweaters.

  2. Dude you know what would be sweet? Take two friends who have totally different styles and make them switch clothes (and sweaters). My punky sister did this (for what reason, I'm not sure) with one of her roommates in college (who was very conservative) and they took a ton of pictures of it and freaked people out.
    Just a suggestion. Could show how much style really affects how people perceive us.

  3. Good ideas. I planned to do the Emily's but never would have thought of yours, Kayla.