Thursday, October 8, 2009

Banana Republic's Casual Black Pullover

Mario told me that he bought this sweater this week for his new temp job where the dress code it business casual. We work nights together where that certainly isn't the dress code.

They told him the temp position could lead to a more permanent position. That wasn't true and apparently his sweater is also simply casual, and not business. A disappointing day for Mario all around.

But brush it off, Mario, because you still have all of your talents. I've heard him, his Spanish is amazing. And his English skills are pretty night too. I think he was a national political debate champion. But my favorite talent of his is really more of an interest. He reads at least a novel a day and has incredible knowledge of English and Spanish literature. So hire him already! Why can't any of us get good jobs.


  1. What nationality is Mario? American or European or something else? Im just wondering this because if he's foreign I've noticed that foreign people are much more inclined to dress up than Americans. I don't exactly know why this is. Maybe it is something that our culture is lacking. But I could just be totally wrong if this guy is American. Hah if so, please disregard this comment and I will crawl in my hole.

  2. He was actually born in the Dominican Republic. He usually looks more like a maple tree farmer though. He has these really casual pinstriped khakis that he use to wear with sweaters and checkered green button down shirts.