Monday, November 30, 2009

Sweaters for Your Insides

Sarah Illenberger is a sculptor based in Berlin and she has made sweaters for your brain, heart and intestinal tract.

I had fun trying to read her bio in German, but I only got a vague sense of what it was about.

Here is what I gathered with my wasted 8 years of German education:

Her work is often practical and she doesn't use a computer to modify her images. Also she has an eye for detail.

This piece is called "Vollig Weichgekocht." Sorry, I can't tell you what that means. If you can't read Deutsch, but you can read English, designboom featured her work.


  1. You are so insanely good at expanding the horizon of this blog. Wonderful find!

    I'm really impressed by how creative and fresh you have been making this blog. Keeps it really interesting and definitely avoids repetitiveness.

  2. Hah these rock! But how are they practical?
    Also, I totally thought the intestines were a grin for a quick second.