Thursday, November 19, 2009

sweater vests as fuel for political performance art

During the Canadian Federal Elections last year, Marg Princess Warrior (Mary Walsh) burned pale blue sweater vests in twisted effigy of Stephen Harper, conservative, incumbent Prime Minister. I've never actually used "effigy" in a sentence before, so here's to hoping I've done a respectable job, eh?

"Does he think that putting on a blue sweater vest is going to make us think 'my goodness, what a kind-hearted, cozy, cute little PM?' And forget all about the fact of his soul sucking evil work of planning to put fourteen-year-olds in jail for the rest of their lives?"

Marg Princess Warrior: The Stephen Harper Sweater Vest Bonfire from NL PRESS on Vimeo.

That "eh" was too much, right? I'm such a spaz.


  1. This is a great post. I like that you took the sweater blog beyond just photos of people you see wearing sweaters. This would be a good way to liven up the blog, since I believe you wrote recently you were feeling uninspired (though it looks like you deleted that post...).

  2. This really is such an interesting twist to the usual updates. What a waste of sweater vests though :(

  3. Thank you lexie (is that the name you go by? I'd hate to call you by an internet name. I'll ask in class).

    I have been bored with the blog lately. I deleted that post because I recently applied for a job at a coffee shop/used book store in my home town and mentioned that I'd like to help them start a blog on their website. I didn't want the first post they saw here to be my whining about how I don't like my own content.