Monday, November 9, 2009

Today on

The only thing I've ever bought from was a clear plastic umbrella with goldfish printed on it. It ended up costing me over $200 because I overdrew my bank account and had fees. Banking is for the birds. Anyway, I love everything they sell, even though I can't afford much of it. Today they're is an amazing angora and wool cardigan that I needed to repost. Here is how they sell it.

"We won't be surprised if you end up in front of a street style camera in this grey, wool and rabbit hair blend cardigan! This printed cardi is overflowing with features to make it an instant wardrobe classic. An oversized fit and ribbed hem and sleeve cuffs are sure to provide a cozy, comfortable fit [...] Delve your hands into the deep kangaroo pockets, throw up the roomy hood, and zip up the hidden, silver, center zipper before you embark on your day of fabulous fashion fun!"

Can they write any more sickeningly cute? I still love the site. It's like looking at Vogue, you're not going to buy anything but the pictures are almost enough.


  1. That website is everything I've ever been looking for. Thank you for posting! The swimwear is amazing.

  2. I know! It's so hard to find cute one-pieces and they have suceeded beyond anyone since the 1980s.