Friday, September 11, 2009

Nathan's Vintage Commodity Exchange Acrylic Sweater

This is Nathan in his favorite (and only) sweater. He says it makes him feel like a spiritual guide, like it's something a priest would wear. Here he has paired it with his delicately pin-striped pajama pants. It is truly one of his favorite outfits. While "in-between-jobs," as he currently is, Nathan likes to wear his sweater to eat beans and bread, watch Survivor Man and read Wikipedia articles about Romans. He says he also likes to wipe his hands on it because it's like a nice big rag.
Since this is his only sweater, and he probably won't be making another appearance on People Wearing Sweaters, I think I'll take the opportunity to say a little bit about him. This morning he made really good sunny-side up eggs and coffee for me, because he is my boyfriend. He does other things because he is my boyfriend. Such as getting me small items at the Walgreen's and rationing the amount of ice cream that I can eat. Goodbye, Nathan. Thanks for being on my blog.

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  1. haha this was quirky and cute, made me smile. I love the random things he does and that he only owns one sweater. Maybe you should change that! It could be a new entry: While Nathan rations my ice cream, I collect Goodwill sweaters to keep his naked torso warm. Appearance number 2!