Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Navy Blue Sisley Cardigan

About once a day I see a person so well put together that I have wonder how they do it. Do they spend 40 minutes trying on clothes every day to achieve a polished outcome? Do all of their things just go together? How do they keep everything clean and pressed? Do they view dressing well as a commitment like a part time job?
I can barely manage to look classy in the three days following my biweekly clothes washing ritual. By the end of my laundry cycle I'm wearing sparkly pink skirts pulled from the bowels of my closet matched (mismatched) with strange t-shirts from second hand shops. There is no continuity with me. I can't imagine these enigmas ever having a badly styled day.
Today I fell off the bus in Shadyside to find that I was standing next to Kashif, one of those mysteriously elegant gentlemen.
And he was wearing, among other things, a sweater.
He said he was on his way to work at the United Colors of Benetton on Walnut Street, so I didn't keep him long. He was wearing a navy blue cardigan from Sisley, a United Colors sister company. Kashif came into possession of this cardigan a month ago but was debuting it today because the weather was cool enough. Sadly, he lost a red cardigan recently, but assured me that he would "probably get another one." If I find him at a good time again, I'll have to ask him what his dry-cleaning schedule looks like.

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  1. I like your comments on well-polished people because I always wonder the same thing, especially if they are college-aged. Who has the money or time? I guess being damn sexy is worth it. It's too bad he was in a hurry, it would have been cool to hear about how much he spends on clothes, why he dresses the way he does, etc.