Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Charcoal J. Crew Cardigan

In two days the G20 will turn Pittsburgh upside down as thousands of protesters from across the country and the world descend upon us. Most likely some of them are going to smash things. Some will probably light fires. A lot of them are going to have dreads. But, before the anarchy begins, I want to make a pro-dreadlocks public service announcement: Friends, you can have a regular job, and even become a supervisor of non-dreaded human beings with nappy hair.
It's great right? This is Melissa, a supervisor at the telephone fund raising company where I work, taking a smoke-break in her Charcoal gray sweater by J. Crew. Do you know what else she's doing? See that orb spider at the top of the post? She's seriously involved in watching it eat a large stink bug. This is no casual smoke-break spider observation. Insects and arachnids are her fascination and her bogymen. Last week she somehow attracted a praying mantis to the parking garage and tonight she spotted the biggest spider I've ever seen outside of a terrarium. At her house, she and her roommates catch moths in jars and fling them (the moths, not the jars) at orb spider webs. Then they vicariously enjoy the feast.
In sweater related news, she picked up the cardigan for 2 dollars and says she wears it, like, everyday.

For more advice on doing the corporate thing with dreadlocks


  1. this is a great post. it made me laugh a lot. I think the photograph is perfect because it captures her interest, but in a carefree, rather than intent way. I also like the picture of the spider and enjoyed reading the article about how to get along in the professional world with dreads. This post shows how you can deviate to other ideas while still sticking to you're original theme, and make it work.

  2. Thank you Maureen, you have been very encouraging and I'll miss you when we switch groups (but I'll still read your blog for fun!)